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  • Hz Discrimination ( Acousmatic Composition) .The concept behind the piece is to try and mix different paradigms together that

can actually never interact under normal circumstanes. Harmonicity vs Inharmonicity , Just vs Equal tempered tuning, but also

calculating difference tones of chords` harmonics ( and especially the Aug. 4th/ Perfect 4th chord, otherwise known as

'The Rite Chord' ) that fall into one of the five categories of brain waves ( from deep sleep/Delta waves to high brain activity/Gamma


Download the score here. Download the mp3 file here.



  • 26 June - 1 July: Melquiades @ The Crypt. The show exhibits the work of contemporary artists and musicians responding to

things they can never experience.The audience shall wander through a labyrinth of curtain and stone, behind each arch, there

shall be something unexpected and mysterious. My contribution was a live installation hidden behind some old graves.Whenever

someone walked by, chatted or made any kind of noise, the hidden microphone fed the live stream into Audiomulch ( through a

randomizer ) creating random noises but always having reference to the original audio source.




  • 18 July - 18 August: Aristo-funny Marionettentheater tour (Cyprus 2009).


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linked to the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meetings in Trinidad and Tobago. One of the projects will be the 'Pianorama'

( performance of 53 short piano pieces written by a composer from each of the Commonwealth countries). I`ll be representing

Cyprus of course! One performance would also happen at the South Bank Center (TBA) as well as further performances in 2010.

( For further info contact: Nick Oliver, Joint Head of Accompaniment, Chetham's School of Music )



  • "The Global Climate Change Music Project involves working with 193 composers representing 193 countries. Each person is

composing a four bar single line( monophonic) musical statement on a chosen instrument. This musical statement should reflect

a deep concern about Global Climate Change issues. I`m again representing Cyprus! ( Here is my contribution to the project) .

The projects immediate objective is to ensure that all delegates representing 193 countries that are attending this years United

Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, receive the final recording before actually attending. The name used in the

industry for this conference is COP 15."

( For further info contact: Rob Slaney, Modern Art Music, Melbourne Australia )