Haris Sophocleous (1977- ) B.A, M.A in acoustic composition, PhD in Electronic Composition.

His research interest focuses on the spectral aspects of sound and its manipulations as well as on the interaction between acoustic and electronic instruments. He studied acoustic composition under Robert Lombardo, Pat Morehead, Stacy Garrop and electronic composition under Don Malone (Roosevelt University, Chicago). He also studied acoustic composition under John Fitz-Roger, electronic composition under Reginald Bain (USC, South Carolina) and more recently with Michael Young at Goldsmiths University London. He has been commissioned numerous times to write music for various ensembles, soloists, choreographers and theatre organisations both locally and abroad including the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra, Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble, TANA String Quartet, Het Collectief, Chronos Ensemble, Athens Trio, A-trio, Ermis Theodorakis, Elena Christodoulidou, Artisto-funny puppet theater, etc. His compositions are being performed worldwide including the USA, Trinidad and Tobago, UK, Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Russia, Greece and Cyprus. He is also a member of the administrative board of the Centre of Cypriot Composers, an organisation whose main purpose is to promote the music of Cypriot Composers through annual festivals of contemporary music, concerts and lectures. Since 2013, he is supervising the Creative Music Technology concentration at the University of Nicosia.